Exhibition at the Europa Akademie Dr. Roland

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Maturaschule Dr.  Roland (Europaakademie Dr. Roland)  in 1070 Vienna, Otto Winkler SKY presented a selection of his works for a few weeks, from Friday, 16.2.2001.










Georg Danzers visit to Otto´s Studio in Neudörfl, Burgenland

As a longtime friend of Otto Winkler SKY, Georg Danzer visited the artist in his studio in Neudörfl in March 2000 to admire his latest works.

He has been collecting Otto's works for many years and was impressed by the new paintings.




In 1991 Otto Winkler Sky received the Award of Club Burgenland.


Juni 1999

Otto Winkler SKY hands over the managing director of the Club Burgenland, Mrs. Edeltraud Lentsch, in his studio in Neudörfl an original work entitled "Blue Sun" - airbrush on canvas, 70x50cm.





Prominent visitors at Otto Winkler Sky

1996 Visit of Christa Prets, Provincial Councilor for Culture and Dr. Peter Marboe, City Councilor of Culture Vienna.



Projects Art and Work Environment

C4 Holding AG, 1010 Wien, Tuchlauben 8, 4. Stock:

Otto Winkler SKY designed this large office with its original works.




Office design of the Austrian State Printing Office

Otto Winkler SKY designed the office of the Director of the Austrian State Printing Office - Wiener Zeitung (A-1030 Vienna, Rennweg 16) with original works of the last 20 years.


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